Sunday, December 5, 2010

MS Tech ED 2010 Day 4, Friday November 12, 2010

Today only 2 sessions (out of 3), because we have to leave early.

Architecture in Agile Projects – How to do it right

Speaker: Mitch Lacey (
Timeslot: 09:00-10:00


  • Don’t expect that software will be right the first time. Accept that and write throw away code, just to learn. Create a working solution as quickly as possible. That’s when the light goes to green for the first time. After that refactor the code in order to complete new tasks (user stories), but always keep the bar green.

Light up on Windows 7 with WPF and Silverlight

Speaker: Pete Brown (
Timeslot: 10:30-11:30


  • This presentation was all about possibilities with the new Windows 7 API
    • System.Device.Location API access to GPS devices
    • Demo: Out of browser with Silverlight
    • Use dynamic for accessing IDispatch objects
    • Automation: Automate Excel
    • Location API: For connecting GPS and other kind of location sensors
    • Icon Overlay at the taskbar icon (automatically fading in/out)
    • Taskbar buttons at the button of the preview dialog (buttons can trigger an ICommand or event) TaskbarItemInfo.ThumbButtonInfos.
    • Progress bar overlay for the taskbar icon
    • Jumplist: Not specific to an instance of the application but to all. Defined in App.Xaml or App.Xaml.cs
    • WpfAccelerometer: About $30. Brand Freescale
  • All in all a very nice closing session and worth viewing.

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